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1000 nfts
Bursted bubbles

The first NFT collection of Deblock

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All Bursted Bubbles have been minted out.
You can still buy one on the secondary market

Hand-drawn by Pierone

The idea of a non-custodial future has spread to every mind alive, especially after 1,000 bubbles burst worldwide last year. Deblock is finally turning this idea into reality by delivering 1,000 unique NFTs, each with their own utility, hand-drawn by a Creative Director nominated for both an Oscar and the Cannes Film Festival, Pierone.

Utility and beyond...

Deblock is the first FIAT account merged with a non-custodial wallet in the process of being regulated in Europe.


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Pricing plans

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Private access to the BB Lounge

Exclusive WLs, NFT Drops and collabs


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The Team

Pierre Ducos aka. Pierone
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The Artist

World renowned artist in Digital art and animation with 25 years experience. Creative Director nominated for both an Oscar and the Cannes Film Festival.

Adriana Restrepo
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The Operation

Former COO @ Revolut Bank

Jean Meyer
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The Product

Former Head of Crypto @Revolut

Mario Eguiluz
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The Tech

Former Head of Engineering @ Ledger

Aaron Beck
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The Banker

Former Head of Payment @ Revolut


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